arcadiaOne, Inc. announced arcadiaOne Online, an ASP-style online service that allows businesses to automate content exchange with their partners over the internet with minimal IT infrastructure. The Online service is powered by the company’s new 2.0 release, its technology for business-to-business electronic syndication. Built on XML, HTTP, and Java, and completely ICE-compliant, arcadiaOne 2.0 is an eSyndication architecture to enable ASP-style services that allow multiple partners to exchange content with each other via remote servers. arcadiaOne Online is a flexible, online solution that enables a business to quickly and cost-effectively build a content exchange network. Once registered for the service, customers can immediately begin exchanging content with their partners and suppliers. ArcadiaOne Online is available 24 hours a day and features an easy-to-use graphical interface that can be quickly learned by any distributor or receiver of content. It is ideal for firms that wish to quickly establish an online presence with minimal IT cost and maintenance. The new 2.0 eSyndication platform is a complete solution to establish and manage syndicator/subscriber relationships and the scheduling and automatic delivery of content between them. Its flexible data architecture supports all types of content sources including file systems, SQL databases, web servers, and proprietary APIs. Being content neutral, arcadiaOne 2.0 can handle all data formats, including: text, HTML, XML, Mp3, jpeg, mpeg, and is applicable to content types as diverse as news, financial data, catalogs and multimedia audio/video. In addition to the ASP-style Online service, arcadiaOne 2.0 is available in two licensing models: Enterprise and Lite. arcadiaOne Enterprise is a scalable server that allows customers to setup exchange relationships with any number of partners for frequent, complex, and high-volume content exchanges. Enterprise is a self-sufficient exchange platform that enables customers to quickly and painlessly add new partners to their network. arcadiaOne Lite is best suited for occasional content exchange with a single partner, and requires minimum IT overhead. The Enterprise and Lite products, as well as the Online service are all fully capable of both syndicating (sending) and subscribing to (receiving) content, and can seamlessly communicate with each other. arcadiaOne 2.0 is immediately available for production deployment on Windows NT, Linux, and Sun Solaris.