WRQ, Inc. and DataChannel, Inc. announced a partnership designed to provide enterprises investing in e-business the ability to extend the usability of legacy data in IBM mainframe, AS/400, UNIX and VAX host applications using XML as their e-business data exchange platform. Through this partnership, enterprises can use WRQ Apptrieve application mining solution to selectively expose valuable data in legacy applications for integration into DataChannel’s XML-based enterprise information portal. WRQ Apptrieve makes it easy to mine legacy applications, preserving their key business logic, and exposing the data via standard object formats such as Javabeans or COM for integration with Web applications — without re-engineering the underlying business processes or host system. WRQ will also provide users the option to expose legacy data via the XML standard for integration with XML frameworks such as DataChannel’s EIP, which enables users to offer a personalized and user-friendly interface to that valuable information. www.datachannel.com, www.wrq.com