STEP UK Ltd. announced the launch of X2X the XML XLink engine. X2X allows for the creation, management and manipulation of link information. X2X allows linking between documents and information resources without needing to change either of the ‘source’ or ‘target’ documents that are being linked. X2X removes the requirement to insert link information inside document content. The Links are not stored in the document. X2X has an extensible architecture to allow resources to reside in any data repository. X2X stores links independently of any documents and provides facilities to dynamically insert external link structures into documents on demand. X2X stores all the link information within an ODBC/ JDBC enabled database, e.g. Oracle or SQL Server. X2X is developed in Java for cross platform operation. X2X is implemented using fundamental linking concepts and understands links defined using Xlink and Xpath. X2X is currently supported on Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 and Red Hat Linux 6.0. Support for Sun Solaris and Hewlett Packard UX will soon follow.