Moai announced support for XML in its LiveExchange Solutions. In announcing its support, Moai has introduced Dynamic Commerce Markup Language (DCML), a standard XML implementation for online negotiated exchanges that includes auctions, trading exchanges and negotiated procurement markets. This standard allows LiveExchange customers to more easily and quickly develop solutions that exchange data with existing legacy systems and other trading networks. DCML augments Moai’s Java-based OpenAPI as an additional mechanism to access LiveExchange based marketplaces. To add XML support to its LiveExchange solutions, Moai has defined DTDs developed specifically for online auctions, trading exchanges, and procurement markets. For example, DCML defines a document for an auction, which includes a product or service description, the type of auction (e.g. reverse, dutch, sealed bid), any reserve price, etc. Moai has channeled its extensive market expertise into defining its DCML standard for dynamic commerce. By defining and sharing the DCML standard, Moai will enable the interconnection of marketplaces that support XML for data interchange, whether these markets are implemented with LiveExchange or an alternate platform. For example, a customer could purchase items in one market and the information on the products would be automatically sent via DCML to a shipping exchange where carriers could bid on delivering those goods. These types of interconnected negotiated e-Commerce marketplaces streamline a customer’s workflow processes, providing a substantial savings in time and money.