HOTPerl announced the release of GhostLINK, a comprehensive search engine positioning application designed specifically for eCommerce websites. The typical eCommerce website contains a home page, half a dozen information pages, and dozens of catalog pages displaying the stores merchandise. The challenge faced by he eCommerce webmaster is that 90% of the websites content is produced “on-the-fly” by the eCommerce shopping cart as visitors navigate the website. Most major search engines are not very reliable when indexing websites which are designed to be operated “on-the-fly” as these advanced programming techniques generally place navigational control within the domain of the eCommerce program and do not use conventional hyper-text links which the search engine spiders are able to follow. GhostLINK’s automatic search engine positioning on-line application individually registers every entry webpage and entry portal on your website with all the major search engines. The Catalog Wizard also automatically creates special portals that guide customers to your merchandise.