Digimarc Corporation announced that it has adopted XML for use in the MediaBridge system, the company’s innovation bridging traditional and online media. The MediaBridge system allows readers to link from interesting content in traditional media publications to relevant Internet destinations merely by showing the page to a Digimarc-enabled PC camera. Digimarc elected to use XML because it provides an independent, open standard supported by major software vendors for the exchange of data from magazine content to Web sites worldwide. Digimarc endorsed the Digital Imaging Group’s (DIG) first public release of the DIG35 image metadata specification, a way to manage images across a wide range of consumer, business and professional applications. The DIG35 Working Draft will be available for public review and comment from March 1-29, 2000. To be included on the notification list for public comment, send an email to dig35comment@digitalimaging.org. The final specification is planned for release in the third quarter of 2000. www.digimarc.com