WebVision has launched WEBtropolis XDE (XML Data Exchange), a stand-alone application as well as a complement to existing WEBtropolis products such as ORDERnet, AUCTIONnet, and BIDtropolis. It is the first of WebVision’s applications to become XML-enabled. The product, available today, is designed to help large organizations using Internet technology as an infrastructure for optimizing the supply chain among trading partners, and making it possible for companies to replace Legacy EDI-based systems and processes. For current WebVision customers, WEBtropolis XDE provides a new data interchange format for any of their new or existing WebVision applications. WEBtropolis XDE version 1.0 has the ability to map to different XML document formats such as Biztalk from Microsoft and Rosettanet. By integrating with Biztalk from Microsoft and Rosettanet, WEBtropolis XDE provides WebVision customers with the ability to put all of the XML pieces together. WebVision is initially targeting suppliers and manufacturers with Oracle and MS SQL Server based ERP systems, such as SAGE and Oracle Financials. Such companies are committed to replacing older EDI systems with standard XML to improve their purchasing, distribution, product delivery and dynamic decision-making abilities. Because WEBTropolis XDE is based on XML, WEBTropolis XDE features support for Oracle 8i Applications, requiring little or no programming for integration. WEBtropolis XDE is available for Windows NT and Windows 2000. Minimum system requirements are Pentium III, 1GB of available Hard Drive space and 128 MB of RAM. Price for the application is based on number of CPUs. Cost per CPU is $10,000. www.webvision.com