Vignette Corporation announced a partnership that will result in a third party solution built specifically for Vignette’s e-business platform. Vignette will resell WorldServer for Vignette, a customized version of Idiom’s WorldServer Web globalization product for building and maintaining a multilingual and multicultural e-business. The WorldServer for Vignette product will allow Vignette customers to increase the value of their e-business applications by expanding their Web presence to global markets. The partnership also immediately extends Idiom’s distribution channel, furthering the company’s position as the leading vendor for Web globalization solutions. Idiom’s globalization approach will help Vignette customers leverage their current StoryServer applications seamlessly across their global locations and global Web teams. WorldServer for Vignette will be available in March 2000 directly from Vignette Corp. with prices starting at $35,000.