NxTrend Technology, Inc. announced the Version 1 release of its dXML document standards for distribution business-to-business e-commerce. NxTrend’s dXML standards are a series of 16 distribution industry-specific XML schemas, developed in conjunction with BuildNet, a leading online trading exchange. NxTrend’s dXML standards include schemas for a variety of documents, including: common business transactions, like sales orders, purchase orders, and quotes; file maintenance transactions, like product catalog updates, and customer file updates; and status transactions, like product availability and price. In the coming months, NxTrend will continue working with industry leaders and XML innovators to refine and add to the set of standards. The goal of dXML is to provide a framework for the seamless exchange of business information between distributors and all other members of the supply chain. NxTrend’s intent in publishing an industry-focused XML standard was to simplify and help facilitate electronic communication between all members of the supply chain. As an early member of the BizTalk organization, NxTrend will submit the dXML schemas for general public consumption to the BizTalk.org repository. www.nxtrend.com