Software AG introduced XENON – the “XML ENabled Open Network” – a complete architecture for XML applications that was designed specifically for the development of electronic business systems. It is based entirely on open standards, offering users and software providers a reliable, durable framework with interfaces for development, deployment and scalability of XML applications. In particular, tools from software vendors can be integrated easily with XENON. Featuring the X-Studio, X-Bridge, X-Machine and X-Node components, XENON provides a basis for the support and integration of new business processes on the Internet – even if these transactions are run on various platforms. The new X-Studio module is a system for building XML applications. The X-Studio offers a full range of XML tools, including XML and schema editors, style sheet processors, and an interactive development environment. The new X-Bridge is an XML middleware, providing a link between XML applications on different system platforms. The X-Machine enables storage of data in its native XML format. The X-Node allows access to existing data sources and brings data to the Web in XML format. There are a number of partners whose tools and solutions support the XENON architecture. These include The Reference, SoftQuad, and Extensibility.