POET Software announced POET Content Management Suite (CMS) version 2.1, the latest release of its repository-based solution for creating, managing, and maintaining complex XML publications. POET has enhanced CMS 2.1 with the POET object repository, integration with Arbortext’s Adept Editor, and custom metadata functionality, providing corporate and commercial publishers with faster performance for workgroups, tighter best-of-breed tool integration, and better component management. POET CMS 2.1 features many performance enhancements, such as checkouts, checkins, and imports that are up to twice as fast as the POET CMS 2.0 release. POET CMS 2.1 integrates POET Object Server Suite (OSS) 6.0, the latest release of POET’s object data management software, featuring POET’s new FastObject technology. POET OSS, the underlying database technology behind POET CMS, provides significant performance, flexibility, and scalability benefits over relational and file-based repository architectures for complex object data such as XML and SGML. POET CMS 2.1 introduces an Author Plug-in for Adept Editor, Arbortext’s XML/SGML authoring environment. With the Author Plug-in for Adept, users can create, manage, edit, and reuse document components in the POET CMS repository, providing unified authoring and management within the familiar Adept interface. POET CMS 2.1 includes a Content SDK that lets developers and system integrators build customized POET CMS applications, such as specialized interfaces for occasional contributors, reviewers, or translators. With POET CMS 2.1, developers and system integrators can now add custom metadata functionality to applications built with the Content SDK. Custom metadata enables users to attach descriptive data-which can be viewed, modified, and queried-to components in the repository. POET CMS 2.1 is available immediately. POET CMS clients run on Windows NT/95/98. POET Content Server is available for Windows NT, Solaris and HP/UX. Introductory pricing for a package that includes five client licenses starts at around $30,000. www.poet.com