Oracle Corp. announced the imminent releases of its Internet Business Intelligence tools, Oracle Discoverer 3i and Oracle Reports 6i, with support for XML. Oracle Discoverer 3i and Reports 6i will allow users to explore and publish e-business information tailored for the recipient simply by using a standard web browser. Oracle Discoverer 3i and Reports 6i are an integral part of the evolution of Oracle’s Intelligent Webhouse initiative designed to help businesses analyze and leverage e-commerce data. Using the Oracle Business Intelligence tools, companies will be able to deliver competitive products and services by identifying key trends, utilizing all database information, including data from ERP, CRM, and Procurement applications. Discoverer 3i and Reports 6i are designed specifically for Internet computing environments — users will be able to directly publish information as XML documents allowing applications within and across enterprises to share information. Using XML, Reports 6i will enable developers to deliver reports that are dynamically personalized for each user. Implemented using Java and XML, Discoverer 3i will offer the full featured, award-winning user interface using only a standard web browser. Oracle Reports 6i, and Oracle Discoverer 3i Beta releases are available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).