Optika Inc. announced Optika eMedia 2.0, which offers a B2B Web solution for uniting existing internal processes with external e-business activities. With the Optika eMedia B2B Web product, businesses are able to cross the organizational boundaries that make current inter-company communications and transaction processes inefficient and error-prone. With the addition of OLEDB standards, SQL 92 compliance, asynchronous queries and active data objects, Optika eMedia 2.0 is easier to integrate into complex user environments. Optika eMedia’s SDK simplifies the ability to embed and host other Web applications providing custom solutions. Combined with a 3-tier Web-based architecture, Optika eMedia 2.0 enables users to access transaction information regardless of type (i.e. EDI, XML, e-mail) or source (i.e. mainframe, line-of-business, traditional paper-based application). Optika eMedia 2.0 will be generally available in the second quarter of 2000. www.optika.com