DocuTouch announced the availability of SIDEX v2.0, the Secure Internet Document Exchange. This secure, end-to-end solution for managing and exchanging confidential, legal or sensitive documents over the Internet is platform-independent and requires no special software. Using a patented process, DocuTouch incorporates digital certificates into legally binding documents, storing the digitally signed original permanently. SIDEX, the Secure Internet Document Exchange, is an online service used to share confidential documents internally and among clients or business partners. Initial applications include legally binding contracts, purchase order agreements, human resource documents, proxy voting, leases, mortgages and insurance claims. The service offers the highest level of bonded, certified secure signatures, storing the online original forever. The service is priced to allow users to feel free to access their documents as often as desired, starting at $1.00 per megabyte stored, $1.00 per signing, and $0.50 per view.