Commerce One, Inc. introduced a set of new XML technology tools delivered with Commerce One’s MarketSite Portal Solution 3.0. The new XML-based transaction platform enables heterogeneous systems to communicate and allows different portals to interoperate and connect to the Commerce One Global Trading Web. The comprehensive set of schema-based XML tools includes: Commerce One XML Commerce Connector (XCC), which provides all the components necessary for trading partners to integrate with Commerce One MarketSite; Schema for Object-Oriented XML (SOX), Commerce One’s default XML schema language used by MarketSite to define business documents; XML Common Business Library (xCBL) 2.0, a set of XML-based building blocks and a document framework that helps developers create business documents in Microsoft’s XDR schema language and Commerce One’s SOX; An initial set of 11 pre-defined XML-based business documents; and an XML Development Kit Pro (XDK Pro), for building extendable, document-based e-commerce applications. Commerce One’s XML technology and tools are included in MarketSite Portal Solution 3.0. In addition, xCBL and SOX may be downloaded free of charge at