Versant Corporation announced enhancements to its suite of software products for Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) compliant development environments, plus an early developer release of the Versant XML (VXML) Toolkit. VEC 2.1 now supports IBM’s WebSphere 3.0, IBM’s most current family of application servers. Versant’s early developer release of the VXML toolkit allows Versant’s ODBMS product to be used in applications based on emerging Internet corporate data interchange standard, XML. The VXML toolkit allows XML content to be cached in the middle-tier as objects, thereby leveraging Versant’s ODBMS product as a platform for transactional, fault-tolerant eBusiness applications. WebSphere 3.0 Advanced Edition brings improved deployment of EJB technology, application-level security for EJBs, and the IBM SecureWay Directory, which provides LDAP availability to other LDAP-enabled directories. WebSphere 3.0 also includes advanced XML support, to enable easier, standardized exchange of data between multiple web sites. VXML toolkit includes the XML parser, XSLT for content translation, XML/object mapping tools and APIs. VXML is available from the Versant web site as an early developer release. Commercial availability is scheduled for Q1 2000.