, Inc. announced it’s active role in the securing, marketing, and selling of eBooks across the Internet.’s expansive collection of over 100 eBooks are available in topics ranging from business and finance to sports and travel, including fiction, nonfiction and reference from authors such as Lewis Carroll, Mary Shelley and Virginia Woolf.’s initial group of eBook publishers include AIL/New Media Publishing, Arrose Enterprises, Best Solutions, Boson Books, Clear Springs Press, Exemplary/OmniMedia Digital Publishing, Invisible Path Publishing, LifeQuest,, Roger White Associates, and John Zakour Publishing. EBooks can now be sampled, instantly purchased and passed from one interested reader to another. EBook publishers can be secure in the knowledge that their intellectual property will not be pirated, because’s patented system builds copyright protection right into the eBook. When passed-along, the document automatically re-locks itself, allowing the Consumer to view the enticing sample of the eBook. The document will not re-open until the Consumer purchases the full eBook, and will once again automatically re-lock when that Consumer finds the eBook compelling enough to pass along. This complete, turnkey e-commerce solution allows publishers to profit from the widespread electronic distribution of their secured eBooks.