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IXOS-Archive 4.0 with XML Access Available

IXOS SOFTWARE AG announced the immediate availability of IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, the new version of its Business Document System (BDS). Announced in October of this year, IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 incorporates Java and XML technology and provides an extended range of services. Additionally, the IXOS-DocuLink component enables users to access business transactions and related documents in off-line mode. With IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, groupware users can now be integrated in business processes in their familiar application environment. IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, in conjunction with the IXOS-DocuLink module, enables users in off-line mode to manage business documents from every conceivable origin, within the SAP R/3 infrastructure. In IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, XML is used to assign business document attributes, which represent information and metadata in a system-independent form. This means that documents can be extracted out of the SAP R/3 context and can be retrieved via XML-capable browsers. Incorporating this global standard helps all IXOS customers leverage their investment and allows them to link their archiving system with their e-business applications. IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 is now available in English and German language versions. Other international language versions are intended for delivery in two months.

Actuate Ships Web Data Publishing Solution

Actuate Corporation announced its Web data publishing solution, Actuate e.Reporting Suite 4, has been shipped to customers and partners. Actuate 4 enables users to navigate and search high-resolution, personalized content in e.Reports that are viewable in a pure browser no plug-ins, no Java download. Users can generate content on-demand or view cached content that has been created on a scheduled basis. Actuate 4 enables content developers to build e.Reports that access any data source, do any calculation, compose any layout, and integrate with any Web site.

CMGI & Akamai Add Cross-Company Partnerships

CMGI Inc. and Akamai Technologies, Inc. announced a growing number of cooperative efforts to enhance the performance of company sites within the CMGI network. In addition, CMGI and Akamai announced that it is their intention to collaborate to develop new technologies to create and deliver dynamic content and applications that serve the growing interest of both companies. CMGI-related companies currently partnering with Akamai include NaviSite, AltaVista;, and NaviNet, as well as @Ventures portfolio companies and Through a strategic technology partnership with Akamai, NaviSite offers customers access to an end-to-end content distribution system combined with application and server management services, and is the provider of Akamai’s FreeFlow to CMGI companies. Working together, several CMGI companies are collaborating with Akamai to develop new technologies that will provide intelligent decision-making capabilities at the edges of the Internet network to create and deliver dynamic content and applications. These projects will involve the joint development of applications to deliver and market services such as targeted advertising, dynamic page and content assembly, application delivery or usage research and analysis services, based on services now contained within the CMGI and Akamai networks. Akamai announced the introduction of its EdgeAdvantage platform that will enable applications to be delivered from the edge of the Internet, ensuring the same consistency and reliability available through Akamai FreeFlow service., Announces Alliance with announced a localization and marketing agreement with will translate Web site content into eight languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (PRC), and Korean. In turn, will feature as its translation partner and engage in specific international marketing efforts (including’s international search engine registrations and the issuance of’s localized international news releases). has plans to fully localize the full site through future dynamic translation solutions as well as additional strategic partnerships. expects to provide localized e-mail newsletters, artist profiles, content and venue information as its international reach continues to grow.,

Epic Data Releases Java/XML-Based Wireless App for Sap R/3

Epic Data International Inc. announced the full product release of EPIConnect: Warehouse Edition, a shrink-wrapped software application for the SAP R/3 logistics system. EPIConnect is the first in a new generation of wireless applications developed with eXpresso, Epic Data’s development environment based on XML and Java technologies. The eXpresso application development environment provides operating system independence for servers and mobile devices. On the server side, eXpresso enables application development for all major operating systems including Windows NT, UNIX and Linux. On a mobile device, eXpresso provides a rich application development environment for both ‘thin client’ and ‘thick client’ applications on DOS, Windows CE and the Palm operating system, as well as proprietary platforms. EPIConnect’s simple user menus allow a worker with no training in SAP R/3 to enter data into the host ERP system. This makes it ideal for use in warehouse operations that require paperless receiving, storage and shipment of raw materials and finished goods. By linking shop floor operations to the ERP system, EPIConnect provides a critical component of e-commerce-real-time data.

Tumbleweed Announces IME Alert

Tumbleweed Communications Corp. announced IME Alert, an online communications application that a company can use to automatically send its customers sensitive, business-critical information about news and events as they occur. IME Alert is the newest application to integrate with Tumbleweed Integrated Messaging Exchange (IME), a set of products and services that leverage the Internet and existing e-mail networks to create a secure communications channel for e-business. Tumbleweed customers have chosen the IME platform because its infrastructure provides a valuable online communications channel with advanced security features, tracking and auditing capabilities. IME Alert is customizable. Companies can create their own criteria determine what kind of Alerts to send to customers. More importantly, companies can invite their customers to make their own selections about what kind of Alerts to receive – customers can design their own value-added IME Alert service. A browser-based graphical interface allows a company to define types of Alerts to offer their customers. A flexible API integrates with external information sources for notification of defined events. Alerts can be delivered via e-mail, or programmed to be sent to a customer’s pager. IME Alert messages can be sent with a range of security options, tracked from end to end, and delivered to an intuitive user-interface the recipient already uses.

Corel Partners with Bitstream on Font Support for Linux

Bitstream Inc. and Corel Corporation announced that Corel has licensed a Linux font server currently being developed by Bitstream. Corel will integrate this font server into the office and graphics suites that it is currently developing for Linux. Bitstream’s new Linux font server can render PostScript Type 1 fonts, in addition to TrueType and other industry standard font formats. It also succeeds at making fonts on the Linux OS user friendly by providing robust and intuitive font management that is comparable to what is currently available for the Windows or Macintosh operating systems. The new Bitstream technology will help the Linux platform overcome one of its most significant barriers to acceptance in the desktop market.,

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