IXOS SOFTWARE AG announced the immediate availability of IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, the new version of its Business Document System (BDS). Announced in October of this year, IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 incorporates Java and XML technology and provides an extended range of services. Additionally, the IXOS-DocuLink component enables users to access business transactions and related documents in off-line mode. With IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, groupware users can now be integrated in business processes in their familiar application environment. IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, in conjunction with the IXOS-DocuLink module, enables users in off-line mode to manage business documents from every conceivable origin, within the SAP R/3 infrastructure. In IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, XML is used to assign business document attributes, which represent information and metadata in a system-independent form. This means that documents can be extracted out of the SAP R/3 context and can be retrieved via XML-capable browsers. Incorporating this global standard helps all IXOS customers leverage their investment and allows them to link their archiving system with their e-business applications. IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 is now available in English and German language versions. Other international language versions are intended for delivery in two months. www.IXOS.com