CMGI Inc. and Akamai Technologies, Inc. announced a growing number of cooperative efforts to enhance the performance of company sites within the CMGI network. In addition, CMGI and Akamai announced that it is their intention to collaborate to develop new technologies to create and deliver dynamic content and applications that serve the growing interest of both companies. CMGI-related companies currently partnering with Akamai include NaviSite, AltaVista;, and NaviNet, as well as @Ventures portfolio companies and Through a strategic technology partnership with Akamai, NaviSite offers customers access to an end-to-end content distribution system combined with application and server management services, and is the provider of Akamai’s FreeFlow to CMGI companies. Working together, several CMGI companies are collaborating with Akamai to develop new technologies that will provide intelligent decision-making capabilities at the edges of the Internet network to create and deliver dynamic content and applications. These projects will involve the joint development of applications to deliver and market services such as targeted advertising, dynamic page and content assembly, application delivery or usage research and analysis services, based on services now contained within the CMGI and Akamai networks. Akamai announced the introduction of its EdgeAdvantage platform that will enable applications to be delivered from the edge of the Internet, ensuring the same consistency and reliability available through Akamai FreeFlow service.,