Datalogics announced a partnership with SoftQuad to resell XMetaL. With the addition of XMetaL to the product portfolio, Datalogics will round out its software solutions offering to include a comprehensive XML publishing solution encompassing everything from the authoring and editing of content to the output delivery and final publishing. Datalogics is known for its applications targeted at the high volume publishing market. Not only do these products offer high-speed composition and some of the most typographically sophisticated applications, but they also provide for flexible output delivery options. Customers are able to take one input source and generate multiple outputs including PDF, HTML, AFP, SEC Edgar, etc to support a variety of printer types as well as enable document delivery on the World Wide Web. With the addition of XMetaL, Datalogics will facilitate customer’s ability to author and edit the content of their documents. Since Datalogics composition products such as DL Pager, accept XML and SGML tagged input, the use of XMetaL in the authoring process can provide an efficient way for users to author XML content that can be used in DL Pager for print or web delivery.