Inc. announced that it has completed the acquisition of Tag Activated Markup Enhancer (TAME), a proprietary programming language, as part of its purchase of assets of Clickshop, a Washington state-based software developer. TAME provides similar characteristics to Java, ASP, PERL and Javascript, and represents the core software used to create’s shopping cart software. Ownership of the TAME programming language gives incredible flexibility when creating customized e-commerce solutions for its clients. TAME’s natural interaction of XML enables to pursue its long-term technology strategy. The company recognizes that XML is the new standard in long-distance data interchange, replacing EDI.One of the main benefits of the TAME programming language is that it is a platform independent, server side application language that will maximize data transfer and data integrity. TAME allows the average Internet user to minimize end-user processing and bandwidth utilization, and accordingly reduces the page load time. All data interaction occurs at the Internet Web site server prior to distribution.