The e-content company, a division of Interleaf, Inc. announced BladeRunner Web, a highly scalable dynamic XML content server. Designed to host the next generation web site, BladeRunner Web reinforces the e-content company’s position by delivering an end-to-end XML content management solution that enables content creators to publish content in virtually any format to a variety of web-enabled devices. With BladeRunner Web, companies can now better leverage their valuable content and the Web to build successful e-businesses through e-relationships. BladeRunner Web is an extension of the e-content company’s XML-based content management solution. Designed specifically for the next generation Web, BladeRunner Web is highly scalable so it can handle volumes of information and a large number of Web-based transactions. A primary benefit to BladeRunner Web is that it holds a single copy of HTML or XML content from which virtually any number of presentations can be dynamically generated by simply applying the appropriate XSL style sheet. This eliminates the redundancy of having to manually re-create many versions of the content for each presentation. In addition, BladeRunner Web features a distinct set of tools including Composer/Styler which allows users to edit XML and create customized style sheets; XML Authoring for Microsoft Word, an add-on for enabling XML output from this popular word processing application; and a collection of management tools that allows users to monitor and control content operations. BladeRunner Web is scheduled for general release in the first quarter of calendar year 2000.