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WAP Forum Selects Open Group

The Open Group announced an agreement to serve as the certification authority for the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum’s world standard for wireless information and telephony services. For certification testing, The Open Group developed a test suite specification to ensure wireless vendors’ products are compliant with the WAP V1.1 specification. As the certification authority, The Open Group will develop and operate the certification program on behalf of the WAP Forum. The WAP Forum has a large number of specifications describing the functionality and specific coding requirements of wireless phones and other devices for WAP certification. The Open Group’s test suite measures conformance to the Wireless Markup Language (WML) application layer specifications, as well as WMLscript and WMLscript libraries. The certification test uses a WML server that delivers tests that run on the devices or phones, and performs a functionality and interoperability test at the application level. WML, an XML application, serves as the markup language for WAP devices, just as HTML is the markup language for web pages. WMLscript and the associated WMLscript Libraries define a programming language, related to the ECMAscript language used for programs to run on web browsers. The Open Group will develop additional tests for the cache model, which defines how WAP compliant phones and gateways store information. The consortium will also develop tests for the use of WAP phones in multiple languages, ensuring the phones will be able to display numerous characters sets, including Japanese, as well as the ASCII character set.

Intranet Solutions Announces Xpedio QuickStart Program

IntraNet Solutions, Inc., announced the availability of a QuickStart program for the recently launched Xpedio Content Management system that provides packaged consulting services to accelerate customer implementations. Xpedio is a single source, end-to-end content management solution that delivers quick deployment and fast return on investment. The QuickStart program for Xpedio includes an onsite dedicated technical services team providing support in key areas such as: database installation, system administration and security setup, meta data configuration, setup for custom templates and project files, Web layout and design, user interface and form design, configuration of business rules to enable personalization and profiling. Pricing for the Xpedio QuickStart program is $15,000 and is available immediately.

NextPage LivePublish Suite 2.0 Shipping

NextPage announced broad availability of its LivePublish 2.0 suite of professional Internet and intranet publishing software products. LivePublish 2.0 is an XML-enabled enterprise publishing platform that gives corporate enterprises and commercial publishers unprecedented scalability, flexibility and control over their content including simultaneous distribution of content through corporate portals, commercial Web sites and disconnected, browser-based CD-ROM/DVD. NextPage LivePublish Suite 2.0 is available now from NextPage and its business partners worldwide. Corporate LivePublish Server pricing begins at $4,995 for 10 concurrent users. For commercial publishers, the LivePublish Server & Distribution Kit are priced at $9,995 plus additional fees for distribution of commercial publications.

PictureWorks Technology Files for Patent on Internet Media Submission Invention

PictureWorks Technology, Inc. announced it has applied for an U.S. Patent for its Web based media submission invention that serves as the front-end to the company’s Rimfire Internet imaging platform. PictureWorks Rimfire, which was released in April this year, processes tens of millions of images and media items for the company’s Web site partners with volume levels expected to double by year-end. Rimfire’s Web based media submission technology is a multi-platform, media agnostic technology that makes submitting rich media to Web sites `drag and drop simple’. The submission technology provides several unique and valuable functions for both end users and PictureWorks’ Web site partners. First, it lets the user either drag and drop a file from a flash card, CD, floppy or hard disk directly into a Web page, or the user can browse a directory to select a file to submit to the Web page. Secondly, the technology gives the user an opportunity to confirm the submission with a visual representation, for example by generating a thumbnail image of the rich media file that has been selected. Additionally, batch submission is provided to allow a user to drag and drop or select multiple media objects into a Web page. Submission from a Web page to a Web page is also provided for. Critical to meeting the diverse needs of different Web site’s, the submission tool is completely configurable. It is able to perform a variety of intelligent preprocessing on media objects prior to upload, for example, sizing, formatting, cropping, rotating, lightening or darkening. Additional information is captured when the media objects are submitted. The submission of information about the user and the media objects facilitates automatic integration of the media objects within existing databases.

RealNetworks Announces Support for SMIL

RealNetworks Inc. announced support for the W3C’s second working draft to advance the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) standard, known as SMIL Boston. This latest step forward in SMIL Boston builds upon the widespread adoption of SMIL as the integration language for Web-based multimedia. The SMIL Boston second working draft proposes extensions to the W3C approved SMIL 1.0 standard, based on feedback from thousands of SMIL 1.0 developers and tens of millions of consumer users and more than a billion SMIL presentations played on the Web since May 1998. Current members of the W3C Working Group developing SMIL Boston are key international industry players in Web multimedia, interactive television and audio/video streaming. In alphabetical order, they are: Canon, Compaq, CSELT, CWI, France Telecom, Gateway, GLOCOM, INRIA, Intel, Macromedia, Microsoft, Oratrix, NIST, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, RealNetworks and WGBH. SMIL is one of the key enabling technologies of Take 5, the Web’s daily programming service providing consumers with access to entertainment, music and news content on the Internet. Additionally, more than 100 channel partners on the Network offer SMIL presentations everyday to their consumers providing a more interactive experience on the Web. SMIL Boston modularizes SMIL functionality, providing standards based integration of SMIL functionality with other XML based languages and applications. Content authors and application developers both benefit from this flexibility: application developers can integrate needed functionality while content authors are able to build on their existing knowledge base.

eGlyphs’ Service Allows Email in 28+ Languages

eGlyphs Inc. announced the launch of Everymail, a free web-based email service that allows users to compose emails in over 28 different languages. Also announced is the simultaneous launch of Everychat, where users can chat with friends in their own language. eGlyphs’ proprietary Unicode-compatible ActiveX-based technology allows users to type text in over 28 languages. Users can type both left-to-right (English, Spanish, Thai, etc.) and right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.) on the same line within an email. The supported languages include Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian, Russian, Greek, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Urdu, Bulgarian, Danish, Czech, Turkish, Swedish, Icelandic, Latvian, Estonian, Finnish, Slovenian, Croatian, Flemish, Polish, Romanian and English. Hindi, Japanese and Chinese are due out shortly. Users register for free and begin composing multilingual emails. Recipients can view the emails sent from an Everymail account on any Windows machine via most email solutions (Outlook, Netscape, etc.) including all web-based email services.,

WholeWeb.Net Announces OEM Agreement with Excalibur announced a technology licensing, integration, and distribution agreement with Excalibur Technologies Corporation. Under the agreement, obtains the rights to integrate Excalibur RetrievalWare, and the Excalibur Multimedia Spider into its next generation search application. brings a very large database (VLDB) technology to the Web to improve coverage, relevancy, and end user expectations at a reduced cost. Excalibur RetrievalWare, an intranet search system typically used in large knowledge-focused enterprise implementations, emphasizes accuracy and scalability and excels in managing multiple data types in geographically-dispersed environments. The combination of the two technologies enables to search five billion records per second. By viewing the Web as a large, unstructured information problem, and by applying extremely fast and powerful relational database technology, covers the whole Web now, maintains its breadth of coverage as the Web grows, and places powerful interactive, graphical information mining tools in the hands of end users. This underlying core technology has been used commercially for over 10 years in mission-critical applications such as telephone billing and credit card processing.

Virage & Informix Partner on Media Asset Management

Virage, Inc. and Informix Corporation announced a partnership agreement that enables Informix to integrate and distribute Virage products to broadcast and other media intensive markets worldwide. The Informix/Virage solution enables producers and other video content decision-makers to share video assets, resulting in decreased time to air, improved news and content quality, and streamlined production and workflow. Media360 provides a complete environment to collect, index, retrieve, distribute and archive video content and media assets. It is tightly integrated with object-relational technology, content creation tools, Web publishing, e-commerce, and analytic solutions. It enables new solutions for video production, stock footage archives, video collections, enterprise portals, and digital media distribution. The integration of Virage products into Media 360 allows Informix to provide its customers with the real time, comprehensive video indexing solution, making video easy to locate, browse, distribute, archive and repurpose.,

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