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Day: November 14, 1999 (Page 2 of 2)

net.Genesis Announces net.Activator

net.Genesis Corp. unveiled net.Activator, an integration of event-driven technology into an analytical platform. net.Activator is a patent-pending, XML-based extension of the net.Analysis platform that enables e-businesses to leverage e-customer intelligence into marketing action in an automated environment. net.Activator utilizes the e-customer data that has been collected, stored and analyzed by net.Analysis to trigger events–ads, content, mail and e-mail–that enrich one-to-one marketing. net.Activator leverages XML capabilities, building them onto its event-driven engine, triggering events based on the information that net.Analysis has filtered, cleansed and correlated into actionable business views. net.Analysis then tracks the effectiveness of the triggered ad, content or mail, closing the loop in the customer intelligence value cycle. net.Activator extends the existing net.Analysis Scheduling and Publishing system to encompass subscription requests from other applications. net.Activator generates and distributes reports automatically to interested applications. It is implemented with a programmatic, event-driven, publish-and-subscribe mechanism.

Andromedia Announces Smart Emarketing for Vignette

Andromedia, Inc. announced ARIA for Vignette and LikeMinds for Vignette – Andromedia’s Web site analysis and personalization solutions optimized for customers using Vignette’s StoryServer. ARIA for Vignette is a Web site analysis solution that tracks StoryServer page titles and Profile Marks out-of-the-box. ARIA for Vignette enables e-marketers to know their customers better, analyze dynamic content, and gauge campaign and site effectiveness in realtime. It tracks dynamic content on sites built with Vignette’s StoryServer and delivers the power and intelligence to analyze visitor behavior across geographically dispersed, multi-server StoryServer sites. Vignette Lifecycle Personalization approach enables a Web site to provide a dynamic, personalized experience based on demographics and viewing behaviors. Andromedia’s LikeMinds collaborative filtering technology complements and extends these capabilities by making use of every interaction with Web visitors-individual clickstream data, purchase history, explicit preferences and product similarities-to engage Web visitors with highly accurate product recommendations. Optimized for StoryServer sites, LikeMinds for Vignette enables the two technologies to work together to deliver accurate realtime personalization capabilities. ARIA for Vignette and LikeMinds for Vignette will be commercially available in Q1 2000. The Andromedia Worldwide Services Group will provide implementation support for the deployment of ARIA for Vignette and LikeMinds for Vignette as part of the product offerings. Different levels of consulting are available to meet unique customer requirements.

IPTC Announces Work Program for XML News Interchange

At their recent meeting in Amsterdam, members of the IPTC agreed to revamp their operating structure and establish a new work program, IPTC2000, which will deliver an XML-based standard to represent and manage news through its life-cycle, including production, interchange and consumer use. Entitled NewsML, it is intended that the new framework standard will build on the intellectual property invested in existing IPTC standards such as the Information Interchange Model (IIM), News Industry Text Format (NITF) and the IPTC’s widely used Subject Classification Standard. Using XML, it is intended that NewsML will draw appropriately on existing and emerging W3C recommendations. Three working groups have been established to develop the key components of the programme. These are News Structure and Management, News Text and News Metadata. Earlier this year, the IPTC announced the publication of its first XML based standard, News Industry Text Format (NITF). This work, together with the Information Interchange Model (IIM), will form the basis of NewsML. All existing IPTC standards are copyright IPTC and are administered by the International Press Telecommunications Council, based in England. Information on NITF, IIM and Subject Matter Coding is available at

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