net.Genesis Corp. unveiled net.Activator, an integration of event-driven technology into an analytical platform. net.Activator is a patent-pending, XML-based extension of the net.Analysis platform that enables e-businesses to leverage e-customer intelligence into marketing action in an automated environment. net.Activator utilizes the e-customer data that has been collected, stored and analyzed by net.Analysis to trigger events–ads, content, mail and e-mail–that enrich one-to-one marketing. net.Activator leverages XML capabilities, building them onto its event-driven engine, triggering events based on the information that net.Analysis has filtered, cleansed and correlated into actionable business views. net.Analysis then tracks the effectiveness of the triggered ad, content or mail, closing the loop in the customer intelligence value cycle. net.Activator extends the existing net.Analysis Scheduling and Publishing system to encompass subscription requests from other applications. net.Activator generates and distributes reports automatically to interested applications. It is implemented with a programmatic, event-driven, publish-and-subscribe mechanism.