IntegrationWare, Inc., announced IntraBlocks Enterprise Knowledge Portal Software IntraBlocks version 3.0 delivers an out-of-the-box solution, which combines a knowledge warehouse with advanced middleware, collaboration, and Web presentation capabilities. Using an Internet browser, IntraBlocks users have a secure, single point of entry into enterprise-wide information and knowledge, previously difficult to find or never captured. These capabilities deliver business benefits with organizations realizing faster time to market, streamlined business processes, accelerated innovations, reduced project rework, enhanced employee productivity, and ultimately low-cost distributed computing. Customers are using IntraBlocks in a variety of applications including supply chain and customer relationship management, data warehouse and decision support, intellectual property management, and training. IntraBlocks version 3.0 is scheduled to ship in October of 1999 and will be available directly from IntegrationWare and its partners. IntraBlocks v3.0 is licensed on a per user basis with pricing starting at $24,000 for 100 users.