Computer Sciences Corporation announced support for a new e-commerce framework specification developed by CommerceNet. CSC will support the eCo Framework ) both internally and through an ongoing client education and awareness program. These efforts are being coordinated by CSC’s e-business practice which focused upon building excellence in XML technology and establishing best practice information architectures by working with clients and industry organizations. The eCo Interoperability Framework provides a single common protocol through which eCommerce systems can describe themselves, their services and their interoperability requirements. The eCo Framework Working Group, which developed the specification, includes key industry players such as 3Com, American Express, American Power Conversion, ASC/X12, Berkeley National Lab, Cisco Systems, Commerce One, Compaq, CSC, Ontology.Org, GEIS, Harbinger, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Intuit, ISO, Microsoft, Mondex International, NEC, Netscape, Novell, Royal Bank of Canada, Sun Microsystems and, as well as experts in XML, OBI, OFX, OTP, XML/EDI, RosettaNet, and CBL.