Bluestone Software, Inc. announced its response to the need for a comprehensive e-business solution with the launch of Total-e-Business product suite, an e-business solution that meets the demands of the people responsible for e-business operations, sales, marketing, and finance, while addressing the IS technology mandate for a non-stop, high-performance platform to support mission-critical applications. Total-e-Business combines best-of-breed components for content management, personalization, and e-commerce with Bluestone’s Sapphire/Web application server infrastructure and Bluestone XML Suite integration server -based upon Java Server Page (JSP) and XML standards. To support Web-based commerce activities, Total-e-Business e-commerce components provide the necessary pre-built e-commerce components typically required to sell goods and services over the Web, including catalog capability, shopping cart, search engine, credit card processing, tax calculation, shipping, order checking, and user registration components. The e-commerce components of Total-e-Business are based on a unique JSP and XML framework that allows for rapid integration of existing applications. Total-e-Business also comes with decision support systems to speed and simplify the entire reporting and analysis process. Total-e-Business is scheduled to ship in December 1999.