Alchemedia, formerly known as cSafe, today announced the immediate availability of its new product, Clever Content Server. An evolution of the company’s PixSafe product, the new server software offers a complete system for protecting and sharing digital images including photos, illustrations, designs and artwork. Rather than displaying valuable images in an unprotected way, Clever Content Server allows owners of intellectual property to define the parameters under which their material may be used. The result is far more than enhanced protection: Clever Content Server enables Content Commercialization. Now, organizations such as movie and TV studios, global Web publishers and stock photography agencies can safely and profitably promote the distribution and sale of their protected images and related merchandise across the Web. Requiring no change in the image production process, Clever Content Server allows the Webmaster to manage authorizations using Clever Content Manager, indicating which pages or images are to be protected and in what configuration. The free Clever Content Viewer supports both Windows and Macintosh browsers, and is implemented as an Active X Control for Microsoft Internet Explorer and a SmartUpdate Plug-in for Netscape Navigator. On the Web, the process follows a simple pattern: