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Day: October 24, 1999

XyEnterprise Names Pasewark VP of Sales & Marketing

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions Inc. has appointed Richard A. Pasewark Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Pasewark had been the company’s Director of New Business Development, responsible for developing sales and service relationships with third party resellers and integration partners including CTA, IBM, Telcordia and others. Recently, he has been instrumental in driving new product specifications and marketing programs. Prior to joining XyEnterprise, Pasewark held technical, marketing and sales positions with Adobe Systems, Frame Technology, and Datalogics. With the promotion, Pasewark will be responsible for the sales and marketing of XyEnterprise’s content management and electronic publishing technology. He will also direct the product definition and marketing communication efforts of XyEnterprise as it expands its e-enabled application solutions to new markets.

Persistence Calls for End to E-Hype

Persistence Software today announced “E-Nough,” a campaign aimed against the desecration of the English language and proliferation of artificial words starting with “e-.” In an effort to curb the rampant and annoying spread of “e-” words, Persistence has furthered the cause by establishing “The Society for the Preservation of the Other 25 Letters of the Alphabet.” The first 500 people to submit particularly offensive examples of “e-” words on the Persistence website ( will receive a free “E-Nough” T-shirt. In addition to compiling a list of the most flagrant “e-” violations, the web site also pays homage to the unjustly neglected French author, Georges Perec, who wrote an entire book without using the letter “e.” “Nobody wants to live in a society where all the words start with the same letter,” said Chris Keene, CEO of Persistence Software. “More vendor effort seems to be going into promoting new e-words than in helping companies deliver real electronic commerce solutions. We felt it was time that somebody took a stand and stood up for the other 25 letters of the alphabet.” The generation of Internet users now conducting business, social and personal transactions online does not need a generic moniker to collectively identify itself,” Keene continued. “Nor does it need a set of artificial marketing buzzwords beginning with ‘e-‘ to define its actions. What are needed are products and services that facilitate and improve online transactions. The ‘E-Nough’ campaign is meant as a direct challenge to the companies involved in electronic commerce to stop substituting catchy phrases for real customer successes.” Georges Perec’s French novel, La Disparition, is written entirely without the letter “e.” Its plot is full of wordplay, such as a character that cannot remember his name because it contains an “e.” Though it may be hard to believe considering the restriction under which it is written, the novel is quite engrossing. Apparently many reviewers were not even aware that a special constraint was used in writing it. After writing the novel, Perec faced a protest from the “a”, “i”, “o” and “u” keys on his keyboard that they did all the work and “e” was leading an easy life. So Perec had no choice but to write a short work called Les Revenentes, where “e” is the only vowel used.

Solbright Inc. Announces XML Infrastructure for Internet Advertising

Solbright, Inc. announced a complete XML-based infrastructure architecture for the exchange and management of data associated with all aspects of Internet advertising. Through the power of XML the costs and delays associated with routing and processing insertion orders, creative assets, invoices, and reports between web site publishers, advertisers, and agencies can be minimized by establishing the standard by which information can be exchanged across disparate business systems.

Documentum Introduces iTeam

Documentum, Inc. introduced its project portal to manage team knowledge. Documentum iTeam provides an integrated, easy-to-use project space for driving distributed, cross-functional team collaboration on the Web. iTeam enables significant increases in team productivity, faster project execution and shorter time-to-revenue. Documentum designed iTeam with the intention of making it easy for knowledge workers to install and kick-off projects, assemble teams and start producing. iTeam is built upon Documentum 4i, the first content management platform designed to dynamically manage all facets of content creation and delivery for both corporate and eBusiness portals. iTeam is shipping now and is available on both Documentum 4i and EDMS 98 on Windows NT or UNIX platforms.

System 1 Software to Publish Biztalk Schema for Commercial Equipment Finance Industry

System 1 Software, Inc announced that it has designed and published a schema for the equipment finance industry based on the Microsoft BizTalk Framework. The company developed an XML schema for electronic financing credit applications that facilitates the exchange of information over the Internet. Applications for credit based on this schema can be submitted by an equipment finance professional (broker), a vendor or borrower to request funding for equipment financing from a bank or finance company lender or lessor, or broker, regardless of differing operating systems or databases. System 1 Software’s schema for the financing credit application is available online in the BizTalk Framework schema library, which is accessible at,

Eprise Announces Participant Server 2.5

Eprise Corporation announced the company’s next offering a robust open architecture for dynamic content management. Participant Server 2.5 is a platform that enables business professionals to create, update, and target Web-based communications via the Internet, intranets, or extranets. Operating as a Web server plug-in, Participant Server 2.5 features comprehensive, event-driven services for controlling content contribution, management, and distribution that are all accessible from easy-to-use forms in a Web browser. No specialized server scripting language is required. In addition, Participant Server offers integration agents for Microsoft Active Server Pages, Allaire ColdFusion, and Java technologies that allow developers to take advantage of these same services from their native environment. Eprise Participant Server 2.5 is available this month supporting Windows NT 4.0, Internet Information Server, and SQL Server 6.5 or SQL Server 7. Support for Sun Solaris using Netscape Enterprise Server and Oracle will be added within the next 45 days. Base pricing remains at $50,000 per Web server.

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