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Day: October 4, 1999 (Page 1 of 2)

XMLSolutions Announces XMLSolutions Europe

XMLSolutions announced a strategic partnership with blue Point Distribution Channel and the formation of XMLSolutions Europe. Frank van der Plas, Senior Partner at HCM Investment and Services B.V., parent company of blue Point Distribution Channel, is responsible for XMLSolutions Europe exposure to the European community.

Bluestone Announces “Total-E-Business”

Bluestone Software, Inc. announced its response to the need for a comprehensive e-business solution with the launch of Total-e-Business product suite, an e-business solution that meets the demands of the people responsible for e-business operations, sales, marketing, and finance, while addressing the IS technology mandate for a non-stop, high-performance platform to support mission-critical applications. Total-e-Business combines best-of-breed components for content management, personalization, and e-commerce with Bluestone’s Sapphire/Web application server infrastructure and Bluestone XML Suite integration server -based upon Java Server Page (JSP) and XML standards. To support Web-based commerce activities, Total-e-Business e-commerce components provide the necessary pre-built e-commerce components typically required to sell goods and services over the Web, including catalog capability, shopping cart, search engine, credit card processing, tax calculation, shipping, order checking, and user registration components. The e-commerce components of Total-e-Business are based on a unique JSP and XML framework that allows for rapid integration of existing applications. Total-e-Business also comes with decision support systems to speed and simplify the entire reporting and analysis process. Total-e-Business is scheduled to ship in December 1999.

Open Text Introduces Basis JDBC & Basis Perl DBI Drivers

Open Text Corporation announced the release of the BASIS Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and BASIS Perl DBI Drivers, enhancing the accessibility and openness of BASIS Web applications and advancing BASIS integration with Open Text’s collaborative portal solution, MyLivelink. The BASIS JDBC Driver enables Web developers to build applications that take advantage of such BASIS features as searching against hybrid databases of relational, bibliographic, and textual information. The BASIS Perl DBI Driver exposes BASIS server functionality through Perl, thereby extending the ability to customize Open Text’s BASIS WEBserver product. The BASIS Perl DBI Driver is an Open Source Initiative – this means that binary and source code is licensed at no charge, encouraging BASIS customers around the world to contribute their own functional extensions to the product. The BASIS JDBC Driver is available now and is priced at $15,000 US per BASIS server. The BASIS Perl DBI Driver will be available by November 1 and is licensed under the terms required by the Open Source Initiative.

FRx Software Announces Support for AICPA XML Initiative

FRx Software Corporation announced that its upcoming product release, code-named “Vulcan,” will embrace the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) XFRML initiative to create standardized digital financial statement formats using XML FRx’s first XML output option will create a single, standard XML output file that can be viewed using FRx’s DrillDown Viewer or any other browser that supports XML. This output option allows reports generated by either of FRx’s applications to be shared with any other XML-aware application. The second option will create an XML output file exclusive to FRx’s applications that is geared towards high performance and advanced viewing and drilling capabilities within the DrillDown Viewer. With the second option, users will be able to drill through corporate hierarchies as well as summary information to transaction detail. Both options will provide users with the ability to export the XML data to OLAP cubes, Lotus, Excel or ASCII file formats. The XML output functionality will be included in FRx’s “Vulcan” product, scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 1999.

RNCi Offers “Open-Publishing” to Syndicate Content Across the Net

RNCi announced the launch of its browser-based content entry tool, WriteNOW. With WriteNOW, non-techies can publish content to the Net from any location in the world. There is no software to download, two simple steps to submit information and it takes only minutes to publish. At the same time, users have the ability to syndicate the content to multiple web locations, intranet applications, and/or digital technologies, such as PDA’s. The latest release of WriteNOW is a browser-based content entry tool that combines both the simplicity and ease-of-use for aggregating, publishing and syndicating content to the Net. By simply clicking through the browser-based wizard, a user types in their password information and uploads the file. The information is automatically converted into HTML and syndicates to the Net within minutes. Upon completion, the user immediately receives an email indicating that the article successfully published. The only requirement for WriteNOW is an Internet connection and a 4.0 or higher browser. To access the content publishing tool, first-time users must register as an affiliate of RNCi’s network.

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