RNCi announced the launch of its browser-based content entry tool, WriteNOW. With WriteNOW, non-techies can publish content to the Net from any location in the world. There is no software to download, two simple steps to submit information and it takes only minutes to publish. At the same time, users have the ability to syndicate the content to multiple web locations, intranet applications, and/or digital technologies, such as PDA’s. The latest release of WriteNOW is a browser-based content entry tool that combines both the simplicity and ease-of-use for aggregating, publishing and syndicating content to the Net. By simply clicking through the browser-based wizard, a user types in their password information and uploads the file. The information is automatically converted into HTML and syndicates to the Net within minutes. Upon completion, the user immediately receives an email indicating that the article successfully published. The only requirement for WriteNOW is an Internet connection and a 4.0 or higher browser. To access the content publishing tool, first-time users must register as an affiliate of RNCi’s network. www.RNCi.com.