POET eCatalog Suite, an out-of-the-box solution for extracting, managing and distributing supplier catalog data over the Internet for B2B eCommerce, is now available from POET Software. With POET eCatalog Suite (eCS), suppliers can now automate the traditionally labor-intensive process of assembling catalog information to send to buyers and content aggregation websites. POET eCatalog Suite is the essential supplier link to the Internet market. POET’s eCS solution addresses the growing demand for electronic catalog data and permits suppliers to automate the interaction with buy-side procurement software from companies like Ariba, and eMarkets like Ariba Network. Furthermore, even though buyers and eMarkets may require data in different formats-based on dialects of XML specific to a vertical market or procurement application-POET eCatalog Suite insulates the supplier from mastering these various dialects by transforming the data on the fly into the appropriate delivery format. As a result, POET eCatalog Suite enables any supplier to deploy an eCatalog solution that works with the growing ranks of Internet buyers and marketplaces — today and as B2B eCommerce evolves — without having to become experts in XML. By extracting the catalog data from an existing IT system and storing it in a separate master catalog, users can edit their data to make it useful to buyers-a process called data normalization. After the data is normalized, custom catalogs can be generated for each buyer or marketplace according to a unique profile. The catalog is then transmitted via the Internet where it can be loaded into a customer’s procurement software or to an eMarket of aggregated content using the appropriate dialect of XML. POET eCatalog Suite is written in 100% Java. And costs $30,000. www.poet.com