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Day: September 19, 1999 (Page 1 of 2)

Intranet Solutions Announces Xpedio Content Server

IntraNet Solutions, Inc. unveiled Xpedio Content Server, packaged enterprise Web software that enables organizations to easily build and support mission-critical, content-centric applications for the enterprise. IntraNet Solutions is also announcing today two new application modules. Xpedio Content Publisher provides advanced template-based technology to automatically publish standard business documents or content in HTML or XML as well-designed, fully linked Web sites. Xpedio ReportSite provides an enterprise report publishing capability that includes support for streamlining publishing and distributing enterprise reports and building partner extranet applications. Xpedio Content Server’s key functionality includes automatic Web conversion and publishing in both PDF and HTML, heterogeneous content input and management, personalized information delivery, enterprise security and scalability, and adherence to Web standards. The Xpedio Content Server system will be available October 15, 1999. Pricing starts at $125,000 USD and includes one development and production server for Windows NT and UNIX environments. Additional production servers start at $50,000. Xpedio Content Publisher will be available in December 1999 with pricing starting at $50,000 USD. Xpedio ReportSite will be available October 15, 1999. Pricing starts at $50,000 USD and comes with report parsing and publishing of enterprise report data, including programmatic input from business and reporting applications, a staging server, replication and an Extrasite read only server for extranet use.

EasyAsk, Inc. Makes Corporate & Product Announcements

EasyAsk Inc. (formerly Linguistic Technology Corporation) has been formed to provide Internet and Intranet search engine software for relational databases. EasyAsk Inc. will provide a family of natural language question/answer portal solutions specifically designed to address the idiosyncrasies of indexing, searching and generating the SQL required to access databases efficiently. New products, under the brand name EasyAsk, are being rolled out for a number of specific markets including electronic retailing, data warehousing and enterprise information portals that integrate the search process for text and database sources within a corporation, and ultimately the public portal market.

Cogos Announces Andromeda2000

Cogos Consulting, Inc. announced Andromeda2000 for Domino Release 4.0. Based on groupware technology, Andromeda2000 is a “galaxy” of virtual workspaces that supports people working together. Through a set of process management structures, such as project management and pipeline management, Amdromeda2000 for Domino improves knowledge work by organizing the dynamic information flows associated with teamwork. Through a browser, Andromeda2000 for Domino can be used for a stand-alone team or can be scaled to support multiple teams. For example, Andromeda2000 is appropriate for any organization that needs to support large initiatives such as merger integration efforts, global account teams, or implementing ERP systems. Also integrated into the Andromeda200 work structure is: o A wizard setup. Users can create new team spaces quickly, allowing organizations to begin new initiatives instantly while benefiting from built-in coaching on the “basics” of building effective teams. o Directory module. Provides a “map” of the organization’s teams, communities and libraries and connections to them. o Document management features. Features that manage documents such as check-in and check out are integrated into the Andromeda2000 environment.

ORI Announces ClarientXML Server for Lotus Notes

ORI Inc.announced the availability of the ClarientXML Server solution to provide real-time XML publishing capabilities for Lotus Notes and Domino 5.0. The new offering will give Lotus Notes users a tool to accelerate e-business development within their organizations. The ClarientXML Server enables corporations to publish existing information or documents residing in Lotus Notes and Domino databases in XML. It allows Lotus Notes and Domino 5.0 servers to communicate using XML, interpret XML documents and perform various Lotus Notes database-related functions. ClarientXML Server accelerates the development of business-to-business e-commerce applications and supply chain management applications for large corporations by facilitating structured communications between computers.,

IMR Offers Enhanced Document Storage Functionality

IMR announced significant enhancements to its Alchemy document and data management software. These enhancements allow Alchemy users and developers greater access to over 250 e-document types, managed by the Alchemy archival and retrieval software. Service Pack 2 for Alchemy Release 6 increases the efficiency of building a database with its new multi-user database feature. As a result, multiple indexing and scan stations can write to the same database. An Alchemy database stored on a network file server can now be opened for write and read use by simultaneous users and the database can be accessed by read-only Alchemy Search and Alchemy Web Server users even when open by the database builder. The new service pack also adds the ability to annotate image files. Annotations are used to add comments or highlight critical items within an image. Sensitive data can be hidden from view with Alchemy’s new redaction feature which includes the ability to e-mail a redacted image file as an attachment.

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