IMR announced significant enhancements to its Alchemy document and data management software. These enhancements allow Alchemy users and developers greater access to over 250 e-document types, managed by the Alchemy archival and retrieval software. Service Pack 2 for Alchemy Release 6 increases the efficiency of building a database with its new multi-user database feature. As a result, multiple indexing and scan stations can write to the same database. An Alchemy database stored on a network file server can now be opened for write and read use by simultaneous users and the database can be accessed by read-only Alchemy Search and Alchemy Web Server users even when open by the database builder. The new service pack also adds the ability to annotate image files. Annotations are used to add comments or highlight critical items within an image. Sensitive data can be hidden from view with Alchemy’s new redaction feature which includes the ability to e-mail a redacted image file as an attachment.