Cogos Consulting, Inc. announced Andromeda2000 for Domino Release 4.0. Based on groupware technology, Andromeda2000 is a “galaxy” of virtual workspaces that supports people working together. Through a set of process management structures, such as project management and pipeline management, Amdromeda2000 for Domino improves knowledge work by organizing the dynamic information flows associated with teamwork. Through a browser, Andromeda2000 for Domino can be used for a stand-alone team or can be scaled to support multiple teams. For example, Andromeda2000 is appropriate for any organization that needs to support large initiatives such as merger integration efforts, global account teams, or implementing ERP systems. Also integrated into the Andromeda200 work structure is: o A wizard setup. Users can create new team spaces quickly, allowing organizations to begin new initiatives instantly while benefiting from built-in coaching on the “basics” of building effective teams. o Directory module. Provides a “map” of the organization’s teams, communities and libraries and connections to them. o Document management features. Features that manage documents such as check-in and check out are integrated into the Andromeda2000 environment.