IntraNet Solutions, Inc. announced a new PDF to HTML conversion capability for the Intra.doc! Management System. The new capability converts PDF documents into HTML (including those that have embedded GIF or JPEG images) and displays them in a standard Web browser without having to use Acrobat(R) Reader or other client software. Key benefits of the Intra.doc! and Adobe integration include the ability to view, navigate and search PDF documents with any browser without using Acrobat Reader. Users will get faster performance in browsing large files while still retaining the original fidelity of the PDF format. The PDF to HTML conversion capability also provides users with a toolbar so they can easily navigate and search for content without invoking a helper application. Because the product is server-based and works with any browser and standard operating systems, like Windows NT and Sun Solaris, all users will be able to access, view and navigate PDF generated documents across the enterprise. The core Intra.doc! Management System automatically converts all major file formats to PDF; Intra.doc! Legacy, a paper-to-Web scanning solution, incorporates Adobe capture technology; and Adobe Forms fill-in functionality is integrated with Intra.doc! Forms to allow fast and easy forms fill-in and meta data extraction capabilities. The PDF to HTML Conversion capability for Intra.doc! is available now and pricing starts at $15,000 USD and is sold as an optional module to the Intra.doc! Management System for Windows NT and Sun Solaris environments.