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Day: August 30, 1999 (Page 2 of 2)

Enigma Announces Insight 5.0

Enigma, Inc., announced the INSIGHT 5.0 product suite update. Enigma’s INSIGHT content publishing suite delivers unified and highly functional Web and CD-ROM publications from any combination of PDF, FrameMaker, word processing, SGML/XML, and graphic/image source data. INSIGHT automates the content assembly and e-publishing process, integrating content with a wide set of integrated navigation, view, and search tools. New features within INSIGHT 5.0 include an Enhanced Illustrated Parts Catalog (eIPC), FrameMaker plus PDF support, Web user interface enhancements and Web annotation capabilities. In addition, Enigma’s “Distributed Intranet” capabilities have been further automated for delivering e-publications to customer intranets and corporate portals. Incorporated within the INSIGHT 5.0 suite are packaged add-on modules and developers toolkits for integrating INSIGHT e-publications to ERP and DMS systems.

QuarkXPress & Vignette to Integrate Via XML & ICE

Vignette Corporation and Quark, Inc. announced the integration of QuarkXPress and Vignette StoryServer 4 software. The relationship between the companies promises to reduce the cost structures associated with using print content online. The announced integration will enable nearly instant deployment of QuarkXPress content on the web. At Seybold, Quark announced avenue.quark, a type of -XTensions software for QuarkXPress that will enable customers to easily tag their QuarkXPress content and extract that content in XML format. Simultaneously, Quark and Vignette announced that they have worked together to link avenue.quark with Vignette StoryServer, allowing organizations to post rich content directly into the StoryServer production workflow. Working together, the two companies’ products provide a much needed, industrial-strength print-to-Web publishing solution.,

Adobe Unveils New Technologies

Adobe Systems also announced pre-release availability of two new technologies, Adobe PDF Merchant software and Web Buy, a feature within Acrobat Reader, to its partners for testing and product integration. The technologies will enable publishers, distributors, retailers and others to make electronic content available for distribution and sale over the Internet. The company expects Adobe PDF Merchant and Acrobat Reader software with Web Buy to speed the adoption of eBooks and the use of electronic documents among businesses and consumers. Adobe partners include a range of publishers, distributors, retailers, device manufacturers, technology and service providers, each of whom maintains a specialized and important link in the publishing and delivery chain. They will begin testing and implementing Adobe PDF Merchant technology to provide titles to be distributed and sold via the Internet. Among others, Adobe is working with: Barnes & Noble, Inc.; Everybook Inc.;; 1stBooks; Glassbook, Inc.; Iomega Corporation; Octavo Corporation; Pearson PLC; R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company;; Seybold Publications; Simon & Schuster, Inc.; and Xerox Corporation.

IntraNet Solutions Announces PDF to HTML Conversion

IntraNet Solutions, Inc. announced a new PDF to HTML conversion capability for the Intra.doc! Management System. The new capability converts PDF documents into HTML (including those that have embedded GIF or JPEG images) and displays them in a standard Web browser without having to use Acrobat(R) Reader or other client software. Key benefits of the Intra.doc! and Adobe integration include the ability to view, navigate and search PDF documents with any browser without using Acrobat Reader. Users will get faster performance in browsing large files while still retaining the original fidelity of the PDF format. The PDF to HTML conversion capability also provides users with a toolbar so they can easily navigate and search for content without invoking a helper application. Because the product is server-based and works with any browser and standard operating systems, like Windows NT and Sun Solaris, all users will be able to access, view and navigate PDF generated documents across the enterprise. The core Intra.doc! Management System automatically converts all major file formats to PDF; Intra.doc! Legacy, a paper-to-Web scanning solution, incorporates Adobe capture technology; and Adobe Forms fill-in functionality is integrated with Intra.doc! Forms to allow fast and easy forms fill-in and meta data extraction capabilities. The PDF to HTML Conversion capability for Intra.doc! is available now and pricing starts at $15,000 USD and is sold as an optional module to the Intra.doc! Management System for Windows NT and Sun Solaris environments.

Inxight Site Lens Also Announced

Inxight Software also announced Site Lens Studio, one of the first of many planned building blocks in the Open Portal Products family of products, knowledge extraction and information visualization software specifically designed for corporate intranet users to increase productivity and the serendipitous discovery of useful information. With no easy way to find information on corporate networks and intranets, users spend more time reading through massive amounts of information rather than making use of it. Site Lens Studio creates interactive site maps, called Site Lenses, that display contents in relation to each other enabling users to find relevant information quickly.

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