Adobe Systems also announced pre-release availability of two new technologies, Adobe PDF Merchant software and Web Buy, a feature within Acrobat Reader, to its partners for testing and product integration. The technologies will enable publishers, distributors, retailers and others to make electronic content available for distribution and sale over the Internet. The company expects Adobe PDF Merchant and Acrobat Reader software with Web Buy to speed the adoption of eBooks and the use of electronic documents among businesses and consumers. Adobe partners include a range of publishers, distributors, retailers, device manufacturers, technology and service providers, each of whom maintains a specialized and important link in the publishing and delivery chain. They will begin testing and implementing Adobe PDF Merchant technology to provide titles to be distributed and sold via the Internet. Among others, Adobe is working with: Barnes & Noble, Inc.; Everybook Inc.;; 1stBooks; Glassbook, Inc.; Iomega Corporation; Octavo Corporation; Pearson PLC; R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company;; Seybold Publications; Simon & Schuster, Inc.; and Xerox Corporation.