Universal Systems Inc. (USI) officially announced its e.POWER Workflow Activator for PC DOCS/Fulcrum’s DOCS Open. The initial version is designed to meet the needs of existing and new PC DOCS/Fulcrum customers. Workflow Activator is accessible from the DOCS Open user interface making the automation of enterprise processes available to organizations in an already familiar environment. Enterprise processes such as procurement and contract management procedures in governmental agencies or the management of change in manufacturing and utilities are repetitive and occur frequently. USI already deploys PC DOCS/Fulcrum as part of the e.POWER Records Management Edition, the workflow-enabled records management application certified by the Department of Defense (5015.2 Standard). Using both Web browsers and Windows clients, e.POWER Records Management Edition supports a wide range of applications from correspondence and action management to electronic procurement and customer service. With e.POWER Workflow Activator, customers use their existing DOCS Open client with e.POWER WorkManager for workflow and process automation. www.USI-Web.com