Global Compliance, LLC announced Enterprise Desktop for Domino.Doc, a customizable Windows interface for Domino.Doc. Using Enterprise Desktop, line-of-business personnel throughout an enterprise simply profile any electronic document according to an area, sub-area, document type, etc. and it is automatically stored inside the Domino.Doc library. Since Enterprise Desktop remembers which documents each user has been working on, they can be quickly retrieved. For more complex document research situations, users can conduct profile, full-text, or combined searches. Enterprise Desktop includes innovative features like complete email integration, project foldering, quick viewer, Windows Explorer integration, and support for mobile users. Built as a Visual Basic application, and optionally licensed with source code, Enterprise Desktop gives organizations an alternative interface to the Lotus Notes and Web browser interfaces that come standard with Domino.Doc. Customers can further tailor the interface and easily integrate other business applications such as ERP, financial, legal, and compliance systems with their document management system.