Allaire Corporation introduced Allaire Spectra, a packaged system for content management, e-commerce and personalization that enables corporations to embrace the Web as a strategic center of their businesses. In beta testing today at over 170 sites, Allaire Spectra is designed to use best-practices established by successful Internet businesses, uniting content, commerce and customer interaction capabilities into a common model for enterprise-wide Web systems. Incorporating best practices in building and running large-scale Web businesses, Allaire Spectra is based on the concept of “transactive content” — systems that combine a tight relationship between the management of Web content assets, services that extend a company’s business models into e-commerce, and the ability to deliver this package to the customer in a rich, personalized manner. Allaire Spectra is designed around a model and methodology for building large scale content and commerce systems that embrace the idea that every participant in an enterprise has a unique set of requirements to be productive in their use of the Web. This spectrum of participants spans system administrators, developers, designers, business managers and users, as well as customers, partners, and site affiliates. With Allaire Spectra implemented across an enterprise, each member of the spectrum can use the Web in a logical way. For example, it gives business managers and users a rich set of Web-based tools for managing workflows and security roles, conducting analysis and reporting on the business, and self-managing content and commerce assets without any IT intervention. The six core services of Allaire Spectra include: Content Management, Workflow and Process Automation, Roles-based Security, Personalization, Business Intelligence, and Syndication. Allaire Spectra, which runs on Windows NT and Solaris, is currently in beta. The product is expected to ship in Q4 1999. A bundled offering that includes servers, tools, training, consulting and support will be priced at approximately $100,000. Standard pricing for Allaire Spectra will be $7,495 per server and requires ColdFusion Enterprise Application Server.