Softshare announced ecSuite, a suite of e-commerce products that provides range of solutions addressing the needs of organizations from the small, home-based business to the large enterprise. Softshare’s ecSuite provides a total Internet e-commerce environment and, when combined with the Softshare Network, a traditional EDI solution. The entry-level product for the small business is Softshare Vista 2.0 Standard Edition. Softshare Vista is a 32-bit Windows-based desktop EDI application that enables trading partners to electronically create and exchange business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and advance-ship notices. Standards supported include traditional EDI such as ANSI X12, UN/EDIFACT, as well as XML and XSL. Communications are SMTP and POP3 based. Softshare Vista 2.0 Standard Edition is priced at $295 for the single user. Softshare Vista 2.0 Professional Edition adds S/MIME security, advanced document tracking, event-driven document management, trading partner management, multiple mailbox support and direct integration with Softshare’s universal data translator, Softshare Delta. The Professional Edition is priced at $995 and includes a five-user license. Softshare Delta is a data translator capable of mapping both to and from EDI, flat file (from both fixed-width and delimited), XML and OLE DB data sources. Delta also supports mapping to free-form text documents, such as HTML, to aid in Web and Internet integration.