Bluestone Software, Inc., announced the giveaway of 3,000 copies of Bluestone Visual-XML, a toolkit for building XML applications. Available today, Bluestone Visual-XML is a pure Java development tool that makes use of a straightforward graphical user interface, drag-and-drop capabilities, and Mentor, Bluestone’s advanced interactive navigation and help facility to simplify development of dynamic XML applications. Bluestone Visual-XML’s Database Publishing Wizard helps users generate XML documents from data stored in a database, without any coding. The Process Wizard allows for the input of XML documents into a dynamic XML server. An example application is included with Visual-XML, showing the use of several Open Application Group (OAG) Document Type Definition’s (DTDs) for processing purchase orders against a database, including logging of transactions. This sample application can be a useful template for creating applications with any of the emerging industry DTD’s and DTD repositories, such as OBI, cXML, RosettaNet, OASIS, and BizTalk. Pricing for Bluestone Visual-XML is $99 and may be purchased and downloaded online at the Intraware Website ( and at the Bluestone Website.