Object Design, Inc. announced ObjectStore 6.0, the newest release of the company’s data management system. ObjectStore 6.0 offers a broad range of new features that result in unprecedented scalability and performance for large-scale Java and Internet electronic business (e-business) applications. In addition to its traditional database deployment capabilities, ObjectStore 6.0 includes a variety of new features to support deployment as a data server, where it is used in the middle tier of multitier applications to “re-stage” enterprise data in formats compatible with Java, C++ and Web applications. ObjectStore 6.0 includes: New Java data management capabilities; Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) Integration; And higher Performance and Scalability. ObjectStore 6.0 is available now. Pricing begins at $4,500. ObjectStore supports Windows 98, Windows NT and all major Unix operating environments. www.objectdesign.com