Object Design, Inc., and SilverStream Software, Inc., announced that they have forged a strategic partnership. This partnership allows the two companies to deliver a solution enabling companies to build and deploy powerful new enterprise e-business applications that fully exploit the extensible data capabilities of XML. The SilverStream Application Server allows for the rapid development and deployment of distributed HTML and Java enterprise Web applications. Object Design’s eXcelon is a dynamically extensible data server for caching, managing and extending XML in distributed e-business application environments. When the products are coupled together, the result is an e-business application solution that leverages the extensibility of XML. As part of the agreement, SilverStream and Object Design have jointly created a SilverStream Data Source Object (DSO) that integrates eXcelon into the SilverStream application development environment and automates connectivity between the two products. www.objectdesign.com, www.silverstream.com