IntraActive Software Corp. announced that it would unveil ActiveForum 2.0 at Microsoft Tech-Ed ’99. ActiveForum is a community-building platform that enables developers to quickly and easily add threaded discussion forums to their Web applications. ActiveForum is based on software component technologies and designed to support open Internet standards. The out-of-the-box, high performance solution gives developers complete freedom in controlling the look and feel of the site. This enables developers to leverage the distinct visual identity of their web sites in their discussion forums. Based on server side Java and XML technologies, ActiveForum features a rich detailed object API, providing developers with full access to all forums, messages and user attributes. This allows developers to pick and choose the storage medium from relational databases to news servers to file systems. The COM components also take advantage of the advanced object management and transaction services provided by Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) for exceptional performance, scalability and reliability. As a result, ActiveForum can support an unlimited number of messages, forums and users.