Xerox Corporation revealed a strategy to mobilize its global direct- sales force behind an initiative that, over a 10-year horizon, will grow to represent as much as 50 percent of Xerox’ business and act as a catalyst for the company’s sustained digital growth. Xerox unveiled the first 17 offerings in the Xerox “Global Industry Solutions Portfolio.” These solutions, many of which are Internet enabled, link people-based services, hardware, software, and network services in a package that solves a customer problem, improves a work process or creates a market or competitive advantage. They address industry-specific needs for Xerox customers in the document-dependent environments of financial services; manufacturing; graphic arts; and the public sector. The company also introduced a suite of tools for Knowledge-Sharing designed to help customers leverage their intellectual assets. The end-to-end solutions announced today bundle replicable packages of software, hardware and services — each custom-tailored by Xerox industry specialists to meet individual customer requirements. Many build on the advantages of the Internet. The company is initially concentrating on the graphic arts industry, where publications are the product, and on financial services, manufacturing and the public sector, where documents — either digital or hard copy — are critical to their business processes but are outside the organization’s core competency. Xerox also announced a suite of tools that will enable customers to share and leverage knowledge throughout an enterprise and realize a greater “Return on Knowledge.” The suite ranges from tools to improve individual productivity to solutions. Among the new introductions: AskOnce, an interface to web search engines, data information retrieval facilities and knowledge databases. It provides unified user access to external and internal knowledge sources to simplify search, retrieval and use of information; MobilDoc, a tool that combines software and services to provide mobile professionals with remote access to their documents from anywhere, at any time via thin clients such as smart phones, two-way pagers and personal digital assistants; EcoWorx, a solution that can cut the cost of compliance with environmental health and safety and ISO regulations, improving productivity by automating document workflow processes; and High Impact Custom Catalogs, a start-to-finish marketing solution developed in partnership with RTMS (Milwaukee, Wis.). It will enable customer-centric businesses – from department stores to telephone companies – to create and produce completely individualized marketing campaigns, even when communicating to millions of customers.