RightDoc Company announced the immediate availability of RightDoc 2.0, an XML and CSS Internet standards-based business document writer and cross-media publishing engine. Application data-driven RightDoc creates multi-faceted Enterprise or Web-based business document solutions, providing the ability to produce personalized billing statements, letters, financial statements, invoices, forms, legal contracts, and business intelligence reports that get results fast. RightDoc also renders documents cross-media: Directly View and Print, generate HTML 4.0 Web format, and device independent PDF format, as well as PostScript format for the printing industry. RightDoc’s native integration of external ODBC data combined with conditional processing tags, reusable XML-based text elements, conditional CSS formatting styles, and images makes it easy to create ‘Intelligent’ documents which have the ability to personalize themselves based upon line-of-business data. RightDoc runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT (3.51 or above), and has an introductory price of $299 per development seat. www.rightdoc.com/rightdoc.exe